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  • Posted on | 27 Aug 2015 | Kim

    Silver Wedding Celebration

    Photo by: Kelli Stevenson-Village Photography On August 18th, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of married life together. We had a little party in our lovely village with some dear friends and are now on the next 25 year journey! Why is it important to honor and pay tribute to the milestones we reach? As I have said previously, for one thing, it slows down time. The other reason is it forces us to stop and recall, remember and celebrate our accomplishments. Think about birthdays, graduations from school, physical recoveries, retirement and much more. Make a point of recognizing your journey – good and bad, happy and awful.

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  • Posted on | 28 Jul 2015 | Kim

    25th Anniversary – Sharon and Nelson

    Twenty-five years ago in India in January 1990, Sharon and Nelson took their vows of marriage. One son later and many locations around the world have brought them to North Vancouver. I was honored to speak at their anniversary party from the deck of their amazing house with a million dollar view! They have weathered the storms of married life and have come out loving each other more deeply and with a mature love that only couples with many years together can know. They are proud of themselves as immigrants to Canada and now Canadian citizens. Such a significant date to acknowledge.

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  • Posted on | 6 Jul 2015 | Kim

    Kim at CARP!

    It’s not Kim eating carp it’s the Canadian Association for Retired persons! Last Saturday, June 27th a group of vendors and service companies/organizations hosted at the South Arm Community Center in South Richmond. This trade show was specifically focused to assist retired persons to remain independant End of Life Services are a sensitive and sometimes awkward topic of discussion for some and others recognize that it is an inevitable conversation. Planning ahead is a gift you can give to your family and friends and I encourage all of you to do so! If you are making arrangements for your deceased loved one, please know that there are many alternatives to a religious church or funeral home Memorial.

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  • Posted on | 19 May 2015 | Kim

    Happy Anniversary Julie and Dan!

      Julie and Dan were married May 17th 2008 at Brock House on the front lawn. After a rainy and cool spring their wedding day held all the promise of a summer day! Thank you for the honor of co-writing and officiating on your wedding, my first wedding! You gave me the confidence to become a Life-Cycle Celebrant, a career I love! Congratulations on your happy marriage. You seem to grow more in love with one as each year passes. I am honored to be included in you circle of friends.

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  • Posted on | 12 May 2015 | Kim

    A wedding at sea!

    The Wheelhouse Pub aboard the Coral Princess was a wonderful way to enjoy the cruise to Alaska! The weather for early May was unusually mild and there was no need to wear winter coat and gloves! We met a lot of terrific folks, sharing meals with them in the dining room. Aboard ship several couples tied the knot and we shared breakfast with one of them the morning before their ceremony. He was Best Man at her wedding 38 years ago. In recent years they found themselves single again. A work accident sent him to hospital and the bride’s sister, a nurse, told her he was there recovering.

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