Photo by: Kelli Stevenson-Village Photography

On August 18th, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of married life together. We had a little party in our lovely village with some dear friends and are now on the next 25 year journey!

Why is it important to honor and pay tribute to the milestones we reach? As I have said previously, for one thing, it slows down time. The other reason is it forces us to stop and recall, remember and celebrate our accomplishments. Think about birthdays, graduations from school, physical recoveries, retirement and much more. Make a point of recognizing your journey – good and bad, happy and awful. Otherwise, your life becomes such a blur and all of a sudden it’s Christmas again or you are 60! The buzz word these days is, “mindful”. Living mindfully and deliberately can change your entire experience, moment by moment, day by day.

What have you neglected to celebrate or wish to celebrate before the end of this year? Make a date and make a plan. Carve some sweet and sacred moments for your adventures and be joyful and grateful!