From complex to simple let me help you with a ceremony, which is inspirational and meaningful. Don’t let one more day roll into another – let’s celebrate and distinguish those special times in our lives!

Wildly Madly

When we stood so long ago and said the words, “I do”
I didn’t think that I could ever be more in love with you!
You always saw the best in me – your confidence was grand
On those days when fear grew strong you gently took my hand.
Together we have loved and laughed, and rarely picked a fight
Your special ways of loving me has filled me with delight!
Each year we’ve changed yet grown so close, you are my dearest friend
What can I say on this special day but I’ll love you past the end.

Sharon and Nelson

Twenty-five years ago in India in January 1990, Sharon and Nelson took their vows of marriage. One son later and many locations around the world have brought them to North Vancouver. I was honored to speak at their anniversary party from the deck of their amazing house with a million dollar view! They have weathered the storms of married life and have come out loving each other more deeply and with a mature love that only couples with many years together can know. They are proud of themselves as immigrants to Canada and now Canadian citizens. Such a significant date to acknowledge. Sharon and Nelson, I wish you many more years of adventure and love!

50th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday May 18th Jim and Diane celebrated their 50th anniversary with friends and family. The celebration, in their beautiful Richmond home, was catered with a tasty selection of appetizers and one huge (and I mean huge!) cake with butter cream icing. Congratulations to Jim and Diane!

Ivana and Voya celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018. 

On a beautiful and sunny day, in their back garden Voja & Ivana, renewed their vows with Robert and Doris, their, 3 1/2 year old twins. Included in their ceremony was a knot tying (a little challenging for the twins!) and an exchange of rings.

The young couple left Croatia at the beginning of the war to start their new life in Canada. Their many friends have seen them overcome challenges with resolve, good humor and determination always expressing a loving heart to each other.

Mum and daughter wore beautiful silver dresses and Dad and son wore silver bow ties! They hosted a lovely reception for around forty people. Such a privilege to be a part of this special day!

“Kim spoke so eloquently at our anniversary celebration. She captured the essence of our marriage with sincerity and love. We would recommend Kim for any celebration which is special and meaningful Thank you!”

Ivana and Voya