Can it already be October 1?  Here we go again, planning for Thanksgiving and thinking about the holidays, colder weather, shorter days and the end of 2014!

As we grow older, time seems to fly by.  Days and months melt into each other and another birthday or an occasion is upon us again.  Why is this?  It’s probably because we do not live in the moment.

When we were children, summer days lasted forever.  We had breakfast and outside we went to play until lunchtime.  Then playing with our friends again until dinner was called.  After dinner we went outside to play again until our parents called us in when the street lights came on.  Those days lasted a long, long time.  That’s because as children we lived in the moment.  As older adults, a lot of us live in regret of the past and are planning for the future.

Here is a quote from the Collective, “Happiness One Day at a Time”

“I have stopped letting time take over my life and pushing me ahead in a race against the clock.  I refuse to give in to the constant pressure beating down on me and I focus my attention on the present moment.  I have realized that I am in control of time.  I can change the way I experience time.  I can be free of the negative influences of time.”