On Wednesday March 18, 2015, 14 women gathered together to prepare to celebrate the first day of spring which is today, March 20th! Our ceremony began by creating a circle, a sacred space to share our thoughts on how we can bring more balance into our lives. As we introduced ourselves we created a “web of community” with a ball of multicolored green wool. Next, we experienced a mindful eating meditation by very, very slowly eating one segment of an orange. Each of us appreciated the smell and taste of the delicious fruit. The practice of mindful eating brought us fully present as we purposefully became mindful of food – where we eat, how distracted we may be and unaware of the food that supports and nourishes our bodies.

The first day of spring has equal amounts of sunlight and darkness. How can you bring equal parts of balance into your life? How can you spend more time doing the things you want to do rather than you need to do? Savor the moment of every activity throughout your day and become fully present. You will naturally be able to increase your memory capacity as you create your own wonderful memories. Slow down and smell the coffee or savor the fruit!