Did you have you had a Destination Wedding or did you elope? Would now like to speak your vows before witnesses or renew your vows? Whether you’ve just returned from the Dominican Republic or Vegas or been married for 25 years, perhaps you might like to renew your vows before family and friends.

There could be many reasons and all are important. Perhaps your marriage has run a rocky course and you have made a re-commitment to your future. Maybe overcoming a health challenge had reminded you of your lasting love.

A Renewal of Vow ceremony is also known as a reaffirmation ceremony. You may wish to repeat the words you said to one another on the day you were married. If your marriage has lasted the test of time then perhaps a reference to the history of your marriage and to say thank you to one another.

Celebrate your love, your hopes and dreams, your faith in each other. Let Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, Kimberley Evans create a personal and customized ceremony to honor your union