Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies is the “conductor” of an event or meeting. The primary responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies is to serve as a genial host. An ideal MC is a person who has poise, presence and who can command the attention of an audience.
The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for ensuring that the program/event runs smoothly, runs on time and that all important people at the event are introduced in a complimentary, professional manner. Being a successful Master of Ceremonies requires, preparation, a friendly manner and ability to adjust to/ad lib as necessary to ensure a successful event.
It would be my honor to act as M/C at your corporate or personal event. I am committed to presiding with sincerity , energy and decisiveness and take your audience on a pleasant journey and make your audience feel that all is going well.

Wedding at Van Duesen Gardens August 3, 2019 for Ana and Alden

“We really enjoyed meeting Kim because right away she understood what we wanted for our wedding ceremony.  She listened as we told how we met and fell in love and then sent us a draft of the ceremony for our approval.  It was perfect and everyone said how beautiful was the ceremony.

Additionally, we hired Kim to M/C at our reception.  She was calm and welcomed everyone and made them feel welcome.  She helped to write a speech for my father (the bride) who does not speak English and delivered it with him by her side.

Thanks to Kim for making our day perfect!”

Ana and Alden