The “ghetto” wedding was so called as the couple said they did not want their wedding to be a huge expense for themselves or any of their guests.  They simply wanted to celebrate their love.  The ceremony for Kim and Jae was held at The Hall in East Vancouver and was a pot luck affair with lots to eat!
The couple had 250 guests and everyone was encouraged to wear fluorescent clothing.  The music for the Processional was four or five bars of the traditional “Here Comes The Bride” which after a few bars was followed by Master Blaster “Powerful”!  The Attendants (8) danced into the center just ahead of the couple.

Part of their ceremony included a Unity Candle Lighting as well as expressing their own vows and exchanging rings.  When I asked the guests, “Who blesses this marriage?” they all responded in a thunderous chorus, of “We do”!  You could feel the tremendous energy of love and support in the room.  What an amazing experience and what an honor to officiate.  Best wishes to these lovely women!

“When Jae and I decided we wanted to get married, there was only one person that came to my mind that would be perfect to conduct the ceremony.  Having known Kim for a long time, I knew that I wanted her passion and her love for all that she does. When we met with Kim and told her what our ideas were, a Big Gay Neon themed Potluck, she smiled and immediately got excited with us!

From that day on she became closely involved with our process and even told us about the Neon Pink top she had in mind to wear.  We felt like a family throughout.

We were given so many great options, most that hadn’t even crossed our minds, on how to best celebrate our love and make it significant and marking on our wedding day.  The ceremony was beautiful and fun and Kim the way you spoke at the wedding had everyone loving every moment.

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. It meant the world to us.”

Kim and Jae