On the West Coast of B.C., the week before and the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving was wonderful as far as the weather was concerned. Many of my friends indulged and enjoyed it with friends and family. What did you do to mark this event? I asked my guests to write a little poem about Thanksgiving and they did! Just before we started the meal everyone shared their creative poetry and it was terrific! Clever us. What we did was make this Thanksgiving slightly more memorable than previous. Not just another over indulgence in food and wine.

Thanksgiving falls very close after the autumn equinox and moves us closer to winter. While we will miss the warm and sunny days of summer, this time of year has its own sweetness and I challenge you to find it. As the leaves fall and the sun moves farther from us, it is a time of slowing down. The second annual heat cycle finishes mid-October and we can begin to reflect and rest. The harvest is almost done.

What is your reflection and what could you do to mark this time in your life, however small or big? I think you can surprise yourself.